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Colonialism turned Cree & Ojibwe cultures towards mobbing

Thinking about “mobbing” and “bullying,” one of the things that strikes me right in the face is how often I’ve seen my aboriginal students mobbed. Not bullied – that seems to be fairly rare. Mobbed. Mobbed out of their families. … Continue reading

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“Bullying” vs. “Mobbing” : abuses of “Strength” vs. abuses of “Power”

So, it’s very popular these days to run “anti-bullying” campaigns around schools and campuses, and to enact legislation to curb it. However, the more I consider these discussions, the less I think people understand what “bullying” is, what it does … Continue reading

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What “Racism” is, and why being a Semanticist helps.

Preamble: What is a Cat? A long time ago, some people who study language meaning asked a very simple question: What is a “cat”? You think you know what the answer to that question is. You think it’s obvious. But … Continue reading

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Some important things to remember about Language

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately, from aboriginal people who are unfortunate enough to be cornered on CBC, about the Connection to the Land that aboriginal people have, etc. This is in the context of land rights and … Continue reading

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What I learned from the class I taught at PENT

I just finished up teaching a class in the PENT program at Brandon. (Program for the Education of Native Teachers.) It’s a great program that brings students down from the far north and gets them into intensive courses for their … Continue reading

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NS260 Day 16: Who should teach the language?

This is the last day of NS260: Issues for Teaching Native Languages. This class covers issues related to who should teach the language and what should be taught. Day 16 The slide set ends with some discussion written by Richard Littlebear, a Cheyenne … Continue reading

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Missing posts

If you’re looking for a post that seems to not longer be there, it’s likely because I deleted it. I’ve gotten almost an unending stream of hate mail about various cultural things I’ve talked about on this blog. Mind you, … Continue reading

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